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Like Podcasts?

2015-09-02 17:13:03 by fourchinnigan

I made one. You can subscribe if you think you can tolerate my voice.






Want to do cool shit?

2014-09-05 17:45:13 by fourchinnigan

Check out my series that shows you how to get started.


G.O. Get Outside Trailer

2014-08-29 13:33:34 by fourchinnigan

Our outdoor series releases on Monday. Here is the trailer.



2014-04-20 19:09:25 by fourchinnigan

Here is a teaser for a web-series I am putting together with my partners at Butcher Bird Studios.

Lillian Lake

2014-02-24 16:05:58 by fourchinnigan

A look behind the hike.

Season Finale

2013-05-29 00:19:20 by fourchinnigan

The two-part finale for Shelf Life Season 4.
Time to face The Reaper.

On a side note, if you haven't seen my kids' show "The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell: Of Maggots and Meat," check it out on NG.

Vehicular Manslaughter

2013-05-14 14:50:44 by fourchinnigan


Pew Pew, Naked Jesus!

2013-04-30 20:05:49 by fourchinnigan

More motherfucking Shelf Life.

Sad Toys and Rapey Toys

2013-04-02 13:43:14 by fourchinnigan

More Shelf Life episodes, bitches.

The Silence Ends

2013-03-19 17:21:02 by fourchinnigan

It had been over five years since I submitted a movie to the portal.
This changed last week when I uploaded "Of Maggots and Meat."
Check it:

Also, new Shelf Life today (and every Tuesday for the next several weeks).

The Silence Ends