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I haven't reviewed a movie in a long time. This is an all around great work. The color choices, fx, animation, even the 3D all fit together smoothly to create a beautifully rendered short. There are companies using teams of Flash animators to make television shows of lower quality than this. My advice is that you grab up someone to do your music. This series is going to take you somewhere and you don't need copyright issues slowing you down. Best of luck, man.


Your Flash skills progress by leaps and bounds. This Looked GREAT. Good music, too. I love the character designs and infusion of koooky physics. You keep impressing me more and more, Marcus.

McRhyme responds:

Wooo! That was fast, man!

I just replied to your post and there you are! Cool. It's 07:26 in the morning in Sweden what time is it in LA?!

I'm glad you like the koooky physics! And I hope everyone realizes that green light sure has the wavelenght of 550nm by there is no such thing as a green laser (I think).


Beautiful backgrounds, smooth movements, good pace, and overall great design. My only qualm is the low audio. You are a master, Miguel.

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Really clever game. I love the way you have taken the multiple ending concept of games and built a game where that is part of the mechanic. I wouldn't expect a game that is primarily a chat room to be so compelling. Really well written also. My only critique is that the graphics could be improved. They don't necessarily need to be more intricate, but they could have been treated in a cleaner way. Great game.


This game is fantastic. Nicely, cleanly designed. Easy to learn, but intricate enough to offer a real challenge on higher levels. My only complaint is the music, it is repetitive and a bit mind-numbing. An off setting is included so it's no real setback. Generally, I play Flash games for a few minutes and then never again. They usually interest me more on a theoretical level. This game was different. I played through about 15-20 levels before I forced myself to stop. I'll be back to play again. This game is strong enough and addictive enough that I would purchase it.

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Shining Force, Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre----these are some of my favorite games ever. I love strategy sims of this nature. I have personally been wanting to learn the actionscript necessary to produce such a game in Flash. Finally, someone has done it and done an amazing job. The only thing missing is a large engrossing storyline and customizable characters. Hopefully these things are all in the works. Great job, great game. I hope you will one day make this engine available to the public so I and others can use it to make even more great strategy games. I look forward to seeing more from you!

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Nice workwith the half-tone, homie.

The best thing about outer-space is you don't have to worry about falling down.

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