DeStorm Dance Vid

2012-11-14 01:31:41 by fourchinnigan

I don't know if any of you are DeStorm fans.
If so, you may want to check out this video I directed for him.
If not, check it out anyway. I know you got two-and-a-half minutes to spare.


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2012-11-14 16:31:15

nice job, that was pretty cute. The commercial bits was the best part reminded me of an old cartoon.

fourchinnigan responds:

I can always depend on you to check out my stuff. Thanks, man.


2013-02-14 20:53:09

Enough of the chit chat. You do realize that you are WELL over due for Miracle Explosion 7?? ;)

fourchinnigan responds:

Wow! I didn't think anyone still remembered or cared about that.